Sunday, February 13, 2011

Out and About

"Yellow Rose"
2011© Gretchen Bjornson

I felt a bit rushed on painting #13.  The sun was out and the temps hit the mid 40's today, so we opted to go to the Columbus Zoo.  After our visit we discussed which animals were our favorites.  My youngest enjoyed the Komodo Dragon, my husband chose the brown bears, my oldest was undecided (typical of his personality), and my favorite was the tigers.  It was wonderful spending some time outside without freezing for a change.

I completed this rose this evening and it seemed I was constantly waiting for it to dry so I could paint on it some more.  I think I rushed into the color choices.  I like the yellow, but I'm not so keen on the blue.  I may paint over the background and darken it up some....change the blue into more of a deep, deep purple.

Tomorrow is the halfway mark of my 28 day challenge.


  1. Beautiful Rose,seems true!
    Have i nice day and Happy Valentine's day!


  2. Dear Gretchen,
    I love all your flowers, particularly, the crocuses most so far. And your painting gets better and better one by one. Wow, what a talented woman!
    Kind regards, Sadami

  3. Thank you Franz! Hope your Valentines day was a good one.

    So kind of you Sadami! Practice does indeed make perfect (maybe not perfect, but definitely improved).



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