Friday, September 17, 2010

Warm Colors vs. Cool Colors

What a stark contrast between paintings, wouldn't you agree?  On the left is a leaf I photographed two weeks ago.  As I was walking through our backyard looking for "dog logs", I came upon this one leaf that had such amazing color I had to paint it.  I tried to keep as true to the colors of the leaf as I could and I think I did a pretty good job. 

On the right is my finished painting of oil cans.  I really enjoyed using the three cooler colors on this one.  Although my husband mentioned last night that he was hoping I'd paint them in their true colors.  Okay, I'll have to file that one away for another painting opportunity.

Fall Leaf  8"x10"
Oil Cans  10.5"x14.5"
Both paintings will be available for purchase at my shop
If you are interested in greeting cards with my art click on this link
Thanks again for viewing Gretchen Bjornson ART blog!


  1. Like them both and the oil cans are not a "typical" painting subject. I've painted some old, rusty "stuff" - and I really enjoy those subjects - good job!

  2. Your fall leaf is beautiful!

  3. Both the paintings are lovely and have an identity of their own.

  4. Deb, it's taken me awhile, but I've learned the "not so typical" subject matter can be just as beautiful and interesting to paint. Thanks so much!
    Karsten....thank you. I may do more of was enjoyable to paint.
    AK....thank you.

  5. I love the texture of the leaf background. Lovely done.
    Thank you Gretchen,

  6. I also love the colours of Autumn leaves, you captured the shape and the warm colours of your leaf. Thank you for visiting me, I usually use acrylic paints. Although I love using inks, coloured pencils and drawing in pencil.



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