Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lavender Memories

"Lavender #9"
7" x 10" Original Watercolor
2011© Gretchen Bjornson

Whenever I see or smell lavender I am reminded of my 9 year old as an infant.  Motherhood for me was baptism by fire.  God blessed me with a baby who couldn't be consoled.  He cried from day one and through most of his first 6 months.  I tried it all.....everything from a car ride to a ride on the washing machine.  Nothing worked.  Everyone tried to help and offer suggestions, but in the end the only relief I ever really got was from my Mom.....who stayed with us the first few nights to rock and hold the baby at night allowing me some much needed sleep. 

So why lavender flowers?  One of the many tips I received to help the baby relax and sleep was lavender oil.  I was told to dab some on a cotton swab and place it under the baby's sheets.  Although I don't recall groundbreaking results, I do think it helped some.  I even used the Johnson and Johnson baby bath infused with lavender and believed it may have calmed him.  I admit I dabbed it behind my own ears more than one time for my own sanity.

Well, I survived that first year, as most of us do.  In addition, I was blessed again four years later with our second child who was the best baby a mother could have asked for.....sleeping through the night at just under 2 months of age and a happy baby who seldom cried and was content most of the time.  As I complete this post, I have two little boys peeking in the office at me.....both with smiles on their faces.  Life is good.     


  1. Hi Gretchen. A lovely ending to your story which I enjoyed reading. I can relate to the same thing with my first child and the same as you with the second. Wish I had known about the Lavender.

    Thanks for sharing you story.

  2. Very sweet! And it really looks like lavendar - not easy to do.

  3. Beautiful lavender!
    God bless your children!

    Ciao Gretchen!

  4. Lovely painting.. good memories. What a special mom you had xx

  5. I love your lavender, Gretchen! I have tons of it in my garden- one of my favorites!

  6. Your story almost made me cry. My son cried for the first months of his life too. I felt so inadequate as a mom. I wish I had known about lavender oil then. He is grown up now and doing great.
    Thanks for your story and the lovely lavender flowers. I can smell them...

  7. My first baby, a boy, was like yours... for 10 months, so I know the matter... now he is 12 years old, and I can't believe how the time has passed! The second, a girl now 7, was so quiet that at first I was afraid she was sick... ;)
    Your lavender painting is peaceful like its perfume! Ciao!

  8. Kathryn....thank you. I don't know why, but painting lavender seems to come easily to me. It's the peony's such as yours that give me trouble!:)

    Dors, Franz, Pat, and Sheryl....thank you for your kind words.

    Judy...I had some watery eyes just typing it.

    Cristina, isn't it funny how you can have two babies that are completely opposite in character. Thank you!

  9. What a sweet post! Every child is different. My daughter was quiet every night but at 6 p.m. she had what we called the six o'clock crazies and she cried for an hour...every day. Lavender is a wonderful relaxer. I have a huge amount planted in my yard that has taken over the area. The weather here is mild enough that through the winters I can still take bits of my herbs anytime I want. Rosemary, Lavender and Sage. Enjoy those two little angels that peek out at you, too soon they will be grown! :-)

  10. What a beautiful and emotional post, Gretchen. I think we can all relate one way or another to that story. I found your blog after visiting with Dors. I'm happy I did. Love those lavenders..I have lavender all over my house..whether cologne..soap..or powder. The smell is so calming.

  11. Absolutely beautiful, Gretchen. The winter is very long in my country, so I miss the summer and flowers in my garden very much. I'm happy to see your wonderful floral art. Your paintings are so warm, colorful and plenty of smell...
    Lavender greetings!

  12. Crystal...our "six o'clock crazies" was called the witching hour at our house. I had lavender at our old house and would really like to plant some this year.

    Thank you Hilda...I'm glad you found me too! Thanks for the kind comments.

    Akwarelia.....I hope my flowers bring some much needed sunshine to your part of the world.



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