Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Flowers Begins...

"Pair of Marigolds"
4.5" x 6.5" original watercolor
©2011Gretchen Bjornson
I am welcoming the month of February with a painting of a simple glass vase holding two bi color marigolds.  My reference photo came from images I took when my husband and I stayed at the Murphin Ridge B&B in West Union, Ohio this past fall.  Each table on their outdoor patio had it's own vase, such as this one. 

I'd like to paint this subject again as the lighting was so fantastic in the photograph and I'm not completely satisfied with how I attacked the reflections in the glass of the vase.  Okay, so enough of my own criticism.....enjoy the first of 28 paintings and feel free to offer your own critique. 

Besides enjoying the painting process this month and simply having a good time with it, my intention is to gain new insight on different techniques by trial and error.  Some paintings will work, others will not.  Some days painting will come easily to me and other days may prove challenging....it wouldn't be called a "challenge" if it wasn't, right? 

So here's hoping the next 27 days of paintings offer you a little brightness in the form of a flower.  If you see something that tickles your fancy, send me an email or message me on Facebook.  These paintings will be available for purchase.  Oh and by the way.....spring is 47 days away!!   


  1. Beautiful! Marigolds are one of the few flowers that I actually can grow well. ;-)

  2. Nice marigolds, well painted! Congratulations Gretchen!


  3. This is so pretty, beautiful colors, the lighting on the glass is wonderful, can't wait for tomorrow's posting!

  4. Very nice. It looks liked you used the wet into wet technique for the background.

  5. Nice work- I love the light on the vase and the background color is great!

  6. I would have expected this to be light, bright and pretty - instead it's a powerful, strong, interesting version of flowers in a vase. Very very good! What a great start :)

  7. Crystal, I agree, marigolds are a hardy flower, but they don't have the greatest of scents.

    Thanks Franz and Maria!

    Tim, yes I did use the wet into wet technique for the background. You can tell where my brush had too much water and bled by my signature too. I left it because I kind of liked the effect.

    Thanks Sheryl and Rhonda.
    Rhonda, the image I used was very bold, strong, and powerful as well. I had to convey it in the painting also. In addition, I tend to be too light in my paintings and I'm constantly building darker values layer by layer. I'm trying to learn to put darker values down in the initial stages of the painting, but sometimes I get too dark. I need to find that happy medium.



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