Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's The Little Things

I recently sold one of my ocean paintings.  Water is not an easy thing to paint and neither is a cloudy sky.  However, after a few failures and some practice I was content with what I had accomplished.  The warmer weather has prompted me to dig into more beach and ocean scenes.  After all, it is a favorite place of mine.  If I had the choice to go anywhere, it would be somewhere warm with salty air and sand.

I had to hand deliver this piece.  Since it wasn't being shipped via snail mail I opted to accessorize the packaging with something to indicate what's inside.  Making my rounds throughout the house I found twine, a sand dollar, some sticks, and moss left over from a school project.  After tying the twine around the package I hot glued the remaining items on top and finished it off with my name in stamps.  I had just as much fun packaging the piece as I did painting it.  I hope the recipient has just as much fun opening it.


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