Saturday, July 23, 2011

Time Flies............

Why is it summer flies by so fast?  Is it because there is always so much to see and do outside?  Or is it because I dread the arrival of the colder months?  Either way, it's hard to believe there is only one week remaining in July.  I'm just not ready for it to end!  That being said, there comes a time when I am ready for the boys to go back to school and back into a daily routine.  My next few weeks will be busy ones, filled with swim lessons, piano lessons, soccer camp, and art classes.  Of course, painting time should be figured in as well.  Currently I'm working on a painting of plumeria. 

The painting above was completed during drying times with my previous piece of the Hawaiian dancer.  I'd like to play around with  more of these small landscape paintings.  This one is about 4"x6".  I enjoy experimenting with different background techniques and then adding detail to the foreground. 

Enjoy what's left of the summer months!  Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  1. This is very pretty and simple and clean and I like it very much - you have something here; I'd like to see more of these (maybe a bit larger). Ah, we here in KY are sweltering and are wishing for autumn and cooler days so I'll be glad to see July end (and another week of 95F temps).

  2. Very pretty! Summer does go by fast, but I must say I wont be sorry to get rid of these blistering hot temps...120 heT index today!

  3. Rhonda....your comment is very reassuring to a frustrated artist. I really enjoyed working on this one. Mostly because of it's simplicity. It's so easy to get caught up in details and at times I find some of my pieces just have no depth. Thanks for your vote of confidence.

    Crystal, thank you. Hope your neck of the woods cools off soon.

  4. Very lovely! You've packed a lot into a 4x6. I agree with you Summer has just flown by. Can't believe we are rapidly approaching August.

  5. This looks like a large watercolor, not a small one- love it, especially the loose quality of the background! Enjoy the next few weeks!

  6. Thanks Carrie. The smaller paintings give me quicker satisfaction when I'm having an impatient moment.

    Sheryl....I think I'll have to do a few more of these.

  7. These flowers are excellent and and those slug bugs are awesome! Both paintings remind me of children's book illustrations. Nicely done.



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