Sunday, August 28, 2011

Not All Gingerbread Men Are Brown!

My son started kindergarten last week.  He came home after the first day of school and proudly opened his folder to show me what he had worked on that day.......a beautiful, multi-colored gingerbread man.  Now I know what you're's August, why are they coloring gingerbread men? 

In the classic story of The Gingerbread Man, we find our main character on the run trying to elude all who crave him.  "Run!  Run!  As fast as you can!  You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!"  The kindergarten teacher uses this story on the first day of school.  The students participate by baking a gingerbread man, then realize he's disappeared.  The teacher leaves clues in key locations around the school building (office, nurse, gym, library, etc.) and leads the children on a hunt for the gingerbread man.  It's a fun way to familiarize the kindergarten students with their new surroundings.

Back to the multi-colored gingerbread man......
After showing me his piece of art, my son told me one of his classmates told him it wasn't very good because it wasn't brown.  Apparently she believes all gingerbread men should be brown like their cookie counterparts.  At this point the artist in me stepped in and explained to him that, in fact, not all gingerbread men have to be brown and that his was a very creative, unique, and artistic gingerbread man.....definitely one of a kind.

So let this be a lesson to us all.  After all, not all grass is green nor is the sky always blue.  Not only is this an important lesson to learn in art, but life in general.

Gingerbread Man by Conner 5 yrs. old


  1. That is a very wise lesson! And a beautiful gingerbread man! What a clever teacher to use this story on the first schoolday.

  2. You are a wise Mom. Conne is very lucky. I know a child who's class was told one day to draw a hot dog. Everyone in the class drew a hot dog in a bun but this young boy drew a dog drinking water. OMG, the teacher exclaimed this child has mental problems. She called the family in for a conference, he needs professional help she said. His parents congratulated him on being so creative and pooh poohed what the teacher had to say. The young man grew up to be a brilliant architect, creating magnificent buildings. The other kids........hmmmm, shall we say didn't go so far. Embrace a childs individuality and give praise, praise, praise and you will raise a wonderful human being. Super job, Mom.

  3. What a wonderful story, Gretchen, And your son has started thinking like an open-minded individualist - bravo!

  4. OH, so cute i did this story at christmas with my students but this is an even better way to do it! Your son has an eye for color. Love kdg. kids they are so cute!

  5. Thank you Cathy and Kathryn!

    Anonymous...I love your story about the architect. I hope to continue to teach both of my children the importance of following their dreams and using their talents to the fullest.

    Judy, it is a good lesson for all of us! Thanks!

  6. Scrolling down my sidebar this afternoon, this colorful gingerbread man caught my eye. He is unique and wonderful and I'm glad you let Conor know how creative his man was compared to just an ordinary brown ginerbreadman. It also sounds like his teacher is very creative and fun.

  7. Holy Deja VU! My son did the same gingerbread thing when he started kindgergarten (which I think is SO cute) and then in his first grade year his teacher (his teacher!) Said that he needed to use 'real' colors to color a tree instead of the multi colored one he did and made him start over. She even sent a note home. I was FUMING. Why is there so many people out there determined to squash all creativity out of our kids? What's wrong with a purple tree or a rainbow gingerbread man I ask you? Not a thing that's what. :) And yes, you are indeed a good mom. :)))

  8. Thanks Rhonda.......his teacher is awesome!

    Crystal, I was floored when I read what your son's first grade teacher thought about his art! Unbelievable! I would have been fuming too. I love to see my boys thinking outside the box, especially when it comes to art.



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