Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away....

Can you guess what inspired me to do these pages?  April showers bring May flowers....that's what I keep telling myself.  And hopefully they also bring lots of veggies from my garden as well.
I've been playing in my art journal lately, in hopes of channeling my inner creative voice.  There are no rules to art journaling, which at times is a challenge for me.  Sometimes it's hard to let go and let loose.  I tend to get caught up in painting the details in my watercolors and I think the art journal will give me the freedom to play and not worry about "getting it right".  It's more about having fun with the process and trying new art tools and techniques. 

These pages were covered with white gesso.  Later, while listening to the never ending rain, I pulled out some old Crayola watercolors, tipped my journal upright, and just began adding lots of paint allowing it to drip.  I love drips and I loved the results.  The paint made a wonderful background for my words.  I was amazed by the brightness of the colors......and to think they were in my kids art supplies!  Who knew?!

Do any of you have an art journal?  What tips and tricks have you discovered while playing?


  1. Hopefully the weather will return to normal soon. Looks like a fun sketchbook.

  2. Hopefully your will soon see more sun than rain. We have had a lot of rain here as well, but in between its sunny a humid. The grass has to be mowed almost hourly during those sunny interludes. :-)

  3. Thanks is a fun sketchbook.

    Crystal....our grass is growing like crazy too! And it's soooo green!

  4. Dear Gretchen,
    Your journal is full of joy. In my view, that's the spirit to keep a journal.
    I always carry a journal=cheap A4 sketch book & Arche papers in a bag. Quick watercolour is very free and vivid. You know my loose sketches at my blog. Sometimes, when I feel the necessity to use a good paper, pick up Arche.
    Doodles are very good to catch inspirations or ideas. So, let us have fun on papers like kids without any specific purpose or expectation. You actually demonstrated a wonderful work above.
    Cheers, Sadami



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