Friday, April 15, 2011

The Black Horse

I've been working on this painting and would like to know if I can improve on anything.  As I'm looking at it now I've noticed a few water blooms that need softened.  Any thoughts fellow blogging friends?


  1. I really like it Gretchen. I like the fluidity of your paint and feel the horses have a presences.

  2. OK, from a horse painter and owner ... the 2 background hosres are good as they are. The horse in foreground is not strong enough yet. his face and neck [less so] need stronger shadows; the face especially is very bony and requires more careful shading - you don't want ruin it now, so close to a beautiful completion. The chest, front legs, barrel and rump are good. The horse's right hind leg, especially as it emerges from the body, needs darkening. I hope I haven't overwhelmed you, Gretchen!

  3. Thanks Gaylynn.

    Kathryn, thanks for pointing out those areas. I can see what you mean and will take note and fix them. Great tips!

  4. Gorgeous! I love how you depicted the horse at a run. That is sometimes hard to do but you have done it amazingly! :-)

  5. Not being a horse painter I can't critique but it looks really good to me.

  6. Kathryn has said what I would say too - shadows.
    It is pretty special now - will be amazing when you make the adjustments. Look forward to seeing them xx

  7. Crystal, I think the hardest part was getting the horses sized proportionately in relation to the difference in distance of each one. (Did that even make sense?) Anyways, thank you.

    Thanks Dors.

    Thanks Pat....I've made the changes and added the name of the little boy who is getting this painting to the barbed wire fence. I'll try to post an update soon.

  8. Hi Gretchen,
    This is great. The horses look really good, just a little tweaking here and there. I would say add some shadows in the foreground and background to define the placement of the horses so they don't look like they are floating but are on solid ground. Hope that helps. Love it.

  9. Gretchen, what a great dynamics. Great fluid composition. Love it!

    Thank you,

  10. Dear Gretchen, say could be no help for you, but "Listen to your heart," is my comment.
    Anyway, Happy Easter!!!
    Best wishes, Sadami

  11. Wonderful pieces you have on this blog. Love these horses!

  12. Thank you depaja. I did add some darker values to ground the horses better.

    Thanks Irina! always....great advice.

    Thank you glad you enjoyed seeing my blog.



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