Wednesday, April 6, 2011


 The other day I was browsing through various watercolor websites and images and came upon some really beautiful watercolor textures and backgrounds.  I found the images on flickr, but can't find the name of the person anywhere to give him/her credit.  I was inspired by the interesting layers and textures and researched more to see what different techniques I could try myself.

I found four items around the house, one of which I've been using with some of my paintings already...sea salt.  The other three were tissue paper, sponge, and rubbing alcohol.  Here are a few of my results.  Not quite as amazing as the ones I found on flickr, but a good start to adding some interest to my paintings.  Do you have any unique techniques for texture to share? 
Washes of Winsor Violet and Prussian Blue with drops of rubbing alcohol and sprinkles of sea salt in the corners.

The beginning stages of a field of flowers.  Trying to establish a more textured background
with splashes of rubbing alcohol and some sea salt. 

Experimenting with tissue paper laid on top of a wet on wet technique.


  1. Clever girl Gretchen. I just love your experiments.

  2. Fascinating! Thanks for sharing!

  3. All three results are very nice and interesting. I think that the first is my favorite, but I like them all.

  4. Belle queste prove,tutte interessanti!


  5. I've played with putting down pigment (a bit dark) and then laying plastic wrap over that to get sharp-edged rock shapes; and waiting until the shine is off the pigment and water and then spritzing with plain water to get drops like salt but without having to scrape off the salt when it dries :)

  6. I love the effect sea salt can give.. I also like using cling film and wax resist. You can get some beautiful effects with those :) xx

  7. Looks like you have been having fun! I have used salt, but not the rubbing alcohol. Maybe I should try it!

  8. Thanks Dors and Judy!

    Christiane, my favorite is the bottom one.

    Franz, I have to translate your comment, but I'm assuming it's a compliment. I took Latin in high school:)

    Rhonda....I think I like the plastic wrap better than tissue paper, but was really amazed the tissue paper worked as well as it did. I'll have to try the water spritz technique you mentioned.

    Thanks Carrie!

    Pat...haven't tried wax resist with my own paintings, only the kids. I'll have to give it a try. was fun. I'd like to do some more.



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