Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Progress on Maddey

Here is an update on the portrait of "Maddey".  Since the blanket she was laying on was white, I used my artistic license and changed the color to a combination of burnt sienna and prussian blue.  I think it compliments the color on her ears.  I haven't decided what to do with the negative space above Maddey yet. 

As usual, I got sucked into detail work around her face.  So to keep myself from pushing the envelope I made some Dunkin Donuts coffee, poured some in my Mickey Mouse cup, and headed back into the "studio" to view the painting from the doorway.  Since this painting is taped onto my drawing table, I don't have the usual luxury of viewing it in different parts of the house, like I usually do.

I've determined that the paws need to be defined a bit, especially the one on the right.  I am also wondering if I need to darken the values of the body?  And lastly, I need to make a decision on the remaining background.  Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the progress.

Unfortunately, the image shows up yellowish, due to having to photograph it in poor lighting.


  1. I think this is beautiful! It's difficult to know when to stop working on a WC. I tend to overdo details and lose the spontaneity. I don't think you overworked the face at all. The detail is perfect. It brings the focus where it should be. You are doing a super job. Connie

  2. I would not detail the paws - the detail is in the face, which you are naturally drawn to.
    If you detail the paws, they may fight for attention.
    I wouldn't paint a background, either. Truly, I think she's perfect as is.

  3. .......stop's wonderful.......

  4. Beautiful work, Gretchen. In my "previous life", I was a wildlife artist and I can tell you...if the eyes aren't right, you're wasting your time. These eyes are gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing this finished.

  5. Good idea on the blanket Gretchen. Then more contrast you show then more viewers eye will see.

    What a great pose you caught. I see so much curiosity in her face.

    Very well done! Can't wait to see the completed painting.


  6.'s difficult sometimes to know when to stop. It's helpful to have such an array of viewers via the blog to offer suggestions on each others art....what a great support group. Thank you.
    Pat, that's a great point about the paws fighting for attention. I'm going to take that to heart and leave well enough alone. I'm starting to think I don't need a background either. I'll have to take it off my drawing table so I can view it in a different light/location.
    As for "anonymous".....thank you! true. The eyes are the life of the painting. I'm so glad I was successful in getting them right. They definitely can make or break a piece.
    Thank you for your kind comments, Irina.

  7. Oh this is a gorgeous start...I love it! everything is perfect..right down to the little brown nose!

    and how's your dunkin' coffee today?
    While America runs on Dunkin'...we Canadians always got time for Tim Hortons!

    ciao bella
    thanks for your recent visit...

    Creative Carmelina

  8. I'd make the negative space above Maddey that her cute face jumps off the page...but that's just me....

    ciao again!

    Creative Carmelina

    my coffee's getting cold!

  9. Carmelina.....we have Tim Horton's here too! But I have to say, although I enjoy Tim Horton's and their donuts, my 3:00 afternoon treat is a cup of Dunkin'. In regards to the painting, I'm letting it simmer today. It's sitting on an easel in my dining room for me to walk by during the day and catch a hopes of being enlightened. We'll see where it goes from there. I may work up another piece with a different pose. We'll see. Thanks! Oh and pop that coffee in the microwave. Cold coffee....yuck!

  10. Gretchen- This is looking beautiful and I love the values! I wouldn't touch the background behind her- every time I do that, I am sorry! Very good idea to take a step back.



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