Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This is a commissioned painting that will ultimately be a Christmas gift to the owner of Maddey, the Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua mix.  I received several reference photos from my client (and good family friend).  All of the photos show a very sweet-faced dog who was obviously very well loved. 

However, Maddey's story is a sad one.  While her owner was burning brush on their farm, Maddey got excited chasing after a rabbit and followed it right into the burning brush pile.  She did not survive.

Since I received such nice reference photos, I may try a different pose for Maddey's portrait.  She had some really great expressions and I want to be sure to capture just the right one.

Considering she is mostly white on her body, I plan to build up the background around her in order to make the painting "pop".  I'll also go in and detail her eyes more in addition to her little paws.  There is still plenty of work to be done, but I hope to have more to show by tomorrow.


  1. What a gorgeous girl Maddey is - she is no doubt running with great freedom up in Heaven. I know that your painting will be treasured. xx

  2. You have a really good start on this, nice shading! I know Maddey's family will love it.

  3. It looks great Gretchen! Really lovely start. And poor Maddey, what a sad story.

  4. How fun! I Love dog portraits! Love to see more pics! This will be such a beautiful gift for the family.....have fun with it.

  5. Great start - sad story. Jack Russells are a feisty bunch and sometimes too much so. Sorry to hear she didn't survive. But what a commemoration you are creating for her owner!

  6. Pat, she is a gorgeous girl, isn't she.
    Sheryl, thank you. I went into this one not wanting to do too much to her body, except for shading to establish her form.
    Thank you Crystal. Yes, very sad story.
    Karsten, I am enjoying this one, except for knowing how sad her family must be and how much they probably miss her.
    Rhonda, it is typical of that breed to be so focused on the "hunt". Thank you for your kind compliment.

  7. Gretchen this looks wonderful, I look forward to seeing it completed, what a heartfelt gift to give a friend.



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