Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back With A Barn

I've discovered a new love......
I love painting barns!  Is that crazy?  Now I need to start photographing barns whenever I can.  They have character and personality all their own.  Most usually have a story to tell as well as a rich history hidden within their wooden walls. 

This painting was fairly quick to paint, but fun at the same time.  It is sized at a dainty 3 inches by 5 inches.  It will be featured at the St. Edward Bazaar which takes place this Saturday, December 4.  I've been working my tail off painting, matting, framing, and preparing for the event.  My 9 year old will be with me selling his creations also.  It should be a fun time for mother and son.


  1. Sounds like the muscle spasms have eased up (I hope so) and you're going to have a great show! What fun, sharing this with your boy!!! Wishing you a great show and good sales and lots of fun.

  2. the barns always are beautiful subjects for paintings...

    all the best for mother and son for St. Edward Bazaar...

  3. Love the barn, so pretty, it looks so much bigger than 3 by 5! I think it will be a favorite at the Bazaar!

  4. Rhonda...I am on the mend. Still going to PT and still trying to be careful about what I do. I probably feel the best I've felt today....hoping to keep that trend going.

    jyothisethu....thanks for the kind comment.

    Maria...thank you...I'm glad the painting of the barn made a "big" impression. I've really enjoyed painting on a smaller scale. I can get more paintings done in less time and hopefully can market them as "affordable art". More importantly, they are just fun to do.

  5. I love the barn and it really does look larger! Good luck at the bazaar!

  6. I love your watercolor, Gretchen... and I love the american barns, too, they are so typical for us european! Ciao!

  7. Hello, Gretchen. :) I love barns, old sheds and all the old buildings of the countryside, usually surrounded by beautiful nature. They are so beautiful and seems to ask: "Please, please, paint me now!"

    Good luck to you at the St. Edward Bazaar.

  8. Thanks Sheryl! I hope my barn makes a big impact at the bazaar too!

    Cristina, thank you! I'm glad you like the barn.

    Akwarelia, I think I have started a new trend with my barns.....a nice change from the floral paintings. And thank you for the good luck wishes!

  9. My hubby and I have this special thing we do together to share our artistic interests during the summer holidays....we drive around until we find a barn setting that is interesting to us...whether it's because of how the light plays on the scene...or the history and mystery of the barn....
    we then pull over and pull out our sketchbooks and supplies...and draw for a certain amount of time....
    then we compare notes/ drawings....
    it's so much fun for me to do that with my best friend...and barns hold a special place in my heart...as I grew up on a family farm!

    thanks for sharing...

    you should challenge yourself..and find that old post on my blog...you would probably enjoy it!
    happy hunting!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  10. It is such a blessing when we find something that really inspires us when painting! I love barns! Such character. On Fine arts america..do you ship your own prints ect?

  11. I love your barn painting and am glad you are going to do more. If I run across any interesting barns in my area when I have my camera handy, I'll send you some photos!

  12. Karsten....I replied to your email from yesterday regarding Fine Art America, but I'm not sure it went through...let me know. Send me another email if you didn't get my reply. And no, I don't ship my own prints...only if my original sells, then I'm responsible for collecting my payment and shipping the item.

    Theresa...I would love to have some "fresh" barn photos to use as reference. Thank you for your kind comment on my barn painting and I hope you come across some barns!



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