Friday, October 29, 2010


What a great way to redeem my confidence after my last painting that I struggled with for a week!  First and foremost, I have to give photo credit to my 9 year old son for taking the reference photo for this painting.  We tend to frequent I-71 in Ohio when visiting family in Cincinnati.  If you've ever traveled this section of interstate you'll know there are several old barns that sit prominently along that route.  I've always thought they would make great paintings, but I'm usually the one behind the wheel.  He successfully captured a couple of great looking barns for me.  This is one of them.

Back to the "redemption" part of this painting.  If you read my last post, you'll know some paintings are more challenging than others.  The challenges are sometimes induced by myself and my wanting to "control" the direction of the painting.  Then there are paintings, such as this one, that I can't help but jump up and down and pump my fists, all while whispering under my breath "YES!!!".  I vowed to keep things simple and loose before attempting this piece, choosing a limited palette and preserving the white of the paper for the barn. 
I believe I was successful.

Thanks to all who frequent my blog. 
***If you're a Facebook junkie, I welcome you to join my Facebook page at Gretchen Bjornson ART, if you haven't already.  To fuel some excitement for the upcoming holidays I will be giving away a painting to a lucky Facebook "fan".  So if you want to join in on the fun, go to my page and click the "like" button to be automatically entered.
This is the original photo captured by my son.  Not bad at 70mph!


  1. Oh Gretchen, I love this painting! I have passed that barn many times and you and your son captured its beauty just right, I love how you painted the sky and foreground and you have just enough detail in the barn to make it central to your picture, It is perfect.

  2. Excellent job(s) - both you and your son! I've passed that barn too, never would have thought of a painting of it - see - you CAN PAINT!!!

  3. Very nice, Gretchen! I did a redemption painting this week also- maybe we are back on track.

  4. A very good photographer you have there, and a great painting! You accomplished all you wanted to in this one. You'll have to let me know next time you're in Cincy and we'll get together over a coffee somewhere!

  5. Thank you Maria.
    Deb, it's funny how I see different things on various trips and constantly say to myself "that would make a cool painting". Currently I go by this horse farm on my way to take my youngest to preschool. During the day, the horses are out in the pasture wearing their turn out blankets of various colors. My next plan is to stop to take a picture of them for a painting too.

  6. Sheryl.....glad to hear you had a redemption painting as well. I hope it made you feel as good as mine did.
    Rhonda...I will pass the compliment on to my son. Coffee in Cincy is a great idea...I'll keep in touch!

  7. What a stunner. It appears simple, but that is masterful work by you to make it look that way.
    Well done! xx



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