Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Finished Flowers

Another painting finished.  It's amazing how some paintings evolve over a matter of days.  Looking back on my previous post, this painting began light and bright.  I decided I needed to add much darker values to contrast the flower petals.  I used some winsor violet to accomplish this along with a touch of prussian blue.  I almost got carried away with the violet after seeing some incredible things happening after laying the paint onto the paper and pulling some of the color down with a damp brush. 

Feeling like I may have gone past the point of no return, I had to lift off some of the darker values.  This resulted in nice leaf shapes in the negative background space. 

At times I have to listen to that little voice in my head saying "Put down the loaded brush and back away from the painting."


  1. Gretchen, your black eyed susans are truly lovely, the added dark values make the flowers pop forward and.... they are lovely! thanks for sharing, can't wait to see what you work on next.

  2. Thank you Maria. I'm glad you enjoy them.

  3. You've got one of those voices, too? Mine says "don't fiddle!"

    Gorgeous painting, Gretchen - I can feel the flowers straining toward the light. Very well done xx

  4. I wish I had that little voice, Gretchen, but it seems silent when I paint! This is lovely - a nice, dancing rhythm to the flowers and good color choices, too.

  5. It is almost like a wave of flowers Gretchen. I see how nicely they move to the same direction. This gives a great unity to the piece.

    Wonderful fresh work!

  6. Thank you Pat and Rhonda.....I tend to hear that voice a lot, but have learned to listen to it even more. Thanks to both of you for your comments.

  7. I love the effect of the violet- very nice! I am glad I am not the only one who needs to lift paint...

  8. Irina, I'm glad to hear they look like they are moving. I was hoping to show them as if they were in a light breeze...thank you!

    Sheryl...I think winsor violet is my favorite color right now. I have to be careful not to overdue it. I've found that lifting the paint isn't always a bad thing.....sometimes lifting color reveals a much more brilliant color underneath that never would've been if the color had never been lifted. Did that even make sense?? You know what I mean.



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