Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Studio....Relocated

Here is where the painting happens.
Tackle box doubles as a place to keep my paints and brushes.  I've had this since high school.

A small sampling of pastels.

I love re-purposing spaghetti sauce jars and aluminum cans for art storage. 
I decided I needed to try a new workspace and relocated my "studio" to the basement.  In the past, I've managed to work out of our spare bedroom, a comfortable, but small space that allowed very little storage and was difficult to organize.  In addition, I was kicked out of that area whenever we had company.

So I know what you're thinking.....basement = dark, damp, and cold.
Yes, it can be cold, but I have a great space heater to utilize if need be.
It's not dark because we installed a nice fluorescent overhead light.
I do have to share the space with our black lab, Sota.  But I'm okay with that and I don't think she minds the company.

My new area is still a work in progress as I will continue to organize and reorganize to get things exactly where they need to be.  Once I begin painting in my new space I'll be able to iron out the kinks.  It may not be as pretty as some of the studios I've seen, but it will serve the purpose for now. 

Ultimately I would love to have a separate space to call my own.  My husband has an entire shed dedicated to his mower, quad, and lawn tools.....why can't I have a shed to turn into an art studio?

I'm always looking for creative ways to organize my art supplies.  What unique storage solutions have you discovered?


  1. It's great that you have a space to call your own. I use the dining room and have things stored behind my drapes in my buffet, but my crowning accomplishment was claiming the large linen closet as mine. It is my art closet, all mine, okay a few toys have crept in there from my boys but mostly mine.

  2. are so right. I should be grateful to have a space in the first place. I'm glad you can claim something in your house for your art, even if it is closet space.

  3. Good Morning, Gretchen
    I love reading your blog. Your new studio looks comfy, and will probably be nice and cool in winter. Your murals are fabulous!!! We have the shared passions of watercolor and horses, so I'll visit again.

  4. Gretchen-
    I love your new space! I painted in our basement for years on Long Island and loved it. Now that we have no kids at home, and plenty of bedrooms, I have an actual studio- but it took years!

  5. You new space looks great! My studio is in the basement too. It is near my laundry area, therefore, I sometimes multi-task :-) The best part is that it is a place to spread out and call my own. Take your time to make your space your own.

  6. I think you'll be very productive there. Good lighting will overcome the dark issue - you can even get daylight flouros. But the real bonus is, you've got the best of company down there :) xx

  7. Storage solutions? Hmmmm . . . does dumping art supplies all over the library/"studio" count as storage? One of my resolutions is to take a little time each day to carve away a small slice of mess and maybe, just maybe, by the end of the year I'll have a storage solution! Have fun painting in your space!

  8. Hello, Gretchen. Congratulations! It's very comfortable to have a piece of your own space to work. I appreciate my own - nobody stumbles on my brushes and I can find each tool exactly in the same place where I put it before.
    Good luck and have a nice painting!

  9. Thanks for visiting Kathryn! I will make it a comfy place, that's for sure.

    Thanks Sheryl and Gaylynn...I'm all about multi-tasking as well....watercolor makes it easy too, since you have to allow for drying time.

    Pat...I will be in good company. I normally have my sheltie at my feet (constantly), but we limit our lab to the basement because of her shedding. Plus, she owns the couch down there. I'll have to take some pics of them later to share.

    Deb, sometimes it's just easier to dump it all out and sort through it bit by bit!

    Thanks Akwarelia! I'm hoping things stay put.

  10. Hello Gretchen,

    It is nice to meet you. I am always happy to meet other artists.
    Thank you for following my blog.


  11. Looks good to me Gretchen and always good to have a space of your own. I have a room that is a bedroom but I claimed it before any furniture went in so it's just art.
    I will have to think on the storage thing. I too keep looking for ideas. I will send you some photos of the storage I have. nothing expensive but practical.
    Have fun in your new studio. wish I had a couch though... to sit and browse art books.

  12. Thank you Helene....I enjoy visiting your blog!

    Dors, I'd love to see some of your art storage....and inexpensive and practical is right up my alley.

    Thanks for stopping by Tim!

  13. Dear Gretchen,
    What an organized artist you are!--is my honest impression. My studio's desk(*former big dinning table) is quite messy. I amdire your talent to keep your space neat&tidy and cosy&snug.
    Cheers, Sadami



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