Tuesday, January 25, 2011

28 Days of Painting Challenge

It's been a long, cold, miserable winter where I live.  I've never been more ready for spring to arrive.  I miss opening my windows and hearing the birds chirping.  My hands are always as cold as icicles and I can never seem to get warm, no matter how many layers of clothes I wear.  Oh, and I can't forget to mention having to wear a warm winter hat every time I leave the house.  Once you commit to wearing the hat, you can't go back....especially when you have bangs. 

My spirits were brightened a bit when fellow local artist, Maria Reichert, invited me to join her challenge for the month of February.....28 paintings in 28 days.  I gladly accepted the challenge and added a personal addendum to the challenge to paint 28 flowers, in hopes of staving off cabin fever.

So I welcome you to join us in our quest to make the month of February an exciting and productive month of painting!


  1. Looking forward to your flowers- love these!

  2. That sounds like a fun challenge!! I'll be lookin forward to your flowers, I could use a shot of spring. :) These ones are beautiful!

  3. A painting a day, challenging!
    These flowers are beautiful!

    Ciao Gretchen!

  4. Thanks Sheryl!

    Crystal...it should be fun. I'm hoping it makes spring come quicker!

    Franz...a painting a day will indeed be a challenge for me. Working with watercolor, I tend to take my time to let the paper dry and think through things. I'm guessing my paintings will be limited to smaller, less detailed pieces, but we'll see. Should be interesting!

  5. 28 paintings in 28 days - that's quite a challenge. But it will speed along and keep the winter blahs at bay if you paint flowers like this first one :)

  6. Rhonda....speeding along the coming of spring and putting the winter blahs at bay was exactly what I had in mind. I have to credit Maria Reichert at Maria's Watercolor blog for prompting the challenge.

  7. It's always good to paint beautiful floral paintings in the dead of winter. This winter for us has not been too bad...so far. They are calling for snow tonight, but the last few times they've blown the weather report. I'm not complaining because last winter I couldn't leave my house for two weeks, and we usually have mild weather in Va. Nice blog by the way. :-)

  8. I'll be watching. These challenges are too much of a commitment for me; it's a challenge for me just to find time to paint each week, let alone each day! Good luck and have fun!

  9. Thanks Crystal. Hope you don't get snowed in again like last year.

    Deb, this is my first challenge. I've always wondered how the "daily painters" get everything accomplished. Just when I think I'm caught up with laundry, another mountain appears in my son's room. My paintings for this challenge will be smaller and more reasonable so as to be able to finish in a day.....I hope.

  10. Your painting of Lazy Susans is beautiful! I'm looking forward to your flower series!



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