Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Carter's Cornstalks, maybe finished

Okay, I really need to put this painting to rest.  This will be my last post of this painting, unless I do something groundbreaking to it.  I made the necessary adjustments to my son's shirt and darkened the background behind him....although I'm not completely happy with the results.  Also, I've decided the cornstalks are a bit broken up around the edges on the wagon.  I've tried to clean them up, but I just haven't mastered negative shape washes.  I'm not too pleased about the corn field in the background either. 

Well, enough of my negative comments.  I had big expectations for this one.  Half of it makes me happy, the other half doesn't.  On a positive note, I always learn something new from each painting I do. 


  1. Thanks Toni. The wagon is the only thing I'm happy with in this painting. I struggled with this one and had such big plans in my mind for it's outcome.



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