Monday, August 2, 2010

Wonderful watercolors from my art class.

Madison's interpretation of Monet's waterlilies.

Today our focus was on watercolor. 
I borrowed this project from the "Art Projects for Kids" blog which has all kinds of wonderful art projects.  Monet's waterlilies painting is used as inspiration for this painting.

We used oil pastels to color and detail our waterlilies and flowers.  I then had them add blue watercolor with a bit of green to the entire page to indicate the water. 
How cool is it that all three participants have 3 unique looking works of art!

Kendal's waterlilies.

Anabelle's version of Monet's waterlilies.


  1. Dear Gretchen, thank you for visiting my blog...i have been on holiday....hence the reason for not replying sooner... :)

    I have scrolled backwards to look in depth at your beautiful blog...I adore your watercolours and what an amazing header...wonderful! ...keep up the good work :)



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