Friday, August 20, 2010

My "Right-Brained" Point of View

I admit it, I am most definitely right-brained by nature.  I possess most of the characteristics of being right-brained.  For example, I am a very visual, emotional, and intuitive person.  I love the arts and I love getting lost in a good book.  I read whenever I get the chance.  However, I also possess characteristics of the left-brained type.  For instance, I like to be organized, I tend to be cautious, and I am diligent about following rules and schedules.  But I have to say, my math skills are poor and I'd be a horrible contestant on the show Jeopardy (aren't most of those people left-brained?).

In being right-brained, I enjoy seeing things from a different point of view, such as in the painting I'm currently working on.  This is an ordinary tree that I photographed from a very extraordinary perspective.  Seeing things in such a way allows me to pick out interesting details and discover new features that I may not have noticed.  Sometimes when I step back from my paintings I will turn them upside down to see whether all the values and colors work together in harmony.  Again, seeing it from a different point of view.

The tree is not finished.  The left-brained side of me wants to go in and give it more detail and I think the right-brained side agrees.


  1. Wow, that was like reading a description of myself. Your tree is very interesting!

  2. Hi Gretchen - you stopped by my blog so thought I would check yours out. Looks like you are a local artist - by any chance related to Carolyn Bjornson? Your kids' classes look like you have fun!! I'll stop back again.

  3. wonderful painting. your work is so loose and imaginative. do you listen to leslie and drema's talk show? I see many of their tips in your blog.

  4. Carol, that's how I describe the tree....interesting. It's not my typical style, but I have been venturing outside my comfort zone of painting lately.

  5. Liana...I've only listened to one of Leslie's talk's just hard to squeeze the time in with 2 boys. They do have great ideas, but I can't say what you've seen on my blog comes from listening to them. Most of what I post comes from trial and error and the experience that comes with it. Although, as far as the kids art goes, I regularly visit the blogs Art Projects for Kids as well as Deep Space Sparkle...they both have wonderful ideas for great art projects geared towards children.

  6. And thank you for the kind comment on my painting Liana!

  7. Deb....I grew up in Cincinnati, so my ears perked up when I found your blog. We are near Columbus, Ohio now. I would love to be able to paint as realistically as's amazing to look at!

  8. Beautiful tree Gretchen, I love the massive bottom and almost vanished top. Perspective is the key!
    Thank you,
    I see you have Etsy store, me too :)

  9. Gretchen - so glad I perked up your ears!!! I'll be watching you now!!!



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