Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Keep It A Secret

I've been working the last several days on this one and can finally call it finished.  These paintings are so much fun to do.  I love picking out the flowers for each letter and planning the colors that will be involved.  Once I begin painting, it's very exciting to see it come to life.  I do find I tend to stay very tight with my painting.....I am a very detail oriented person, after all, so it's natural.  However, as an artist, I strive to work outside the box and give my paintings more of a loose feel.  It's a constant challenge.  I'm always reminding myself to pull my nose away from the paper and step back to look at it from a distance.  The goal of my next project will be to keep things "loose".  We'll see.

Here's hoping the bride doesn't see my post....I don't think she will....she's too busy with final wedding plans.  Let's keep it a secret, okay?

If you are interested in ordering a Name Painting, please email me.  Name Paintings are $75.00 and will be shipped in a sturdy shipping tube unframed and unmatted.  Shipping is $10.00 within the United States.

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