Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Busy Morning In The Studio

Why is it when inspiration hits me, it hits me hard!  I suppose part of it is my lack of painting time due to the holidays and kids being home from school.  Now that school is back in session, all those creative juices are over-flowing.  In addition, Pinterest has given me a new found enthusiasm for trying new things.  All those items pinned on my "Art That Inspires Me" board are no good unless I take action, right?  So this morning, I took action.  Naturally, I had to have a neat working space so I pushed aside containers I had emptied earlier in the week.  Then I had to vacuum, because for some odd reason the resident mutt is shedding profusely mid winter.  After that I spritzed my paints with a bit of water and got to business.  These are the results of my morning.....
I found this lovely specimen while cleaning out boxes this week and knew right away I had to paint her.  For a Raggedy Ann, she is VERY raggedy. But still lovable.  I want her weathered and worn look, or as I prefer to say, very well loved look to show through in the painting and I think it will.  She still needs her red striped stockings and shoes as well as eyebrows before I can call her finished. 

As I had stated in my previous post, I'm trying to do more art journaling.  It may seem like a lot of doodling, scribbling, and scratching, but believe me, there is a whole different thought process that goes into this.  I try not to take it too seriously.....I leave that attitude for my watercolors.  Art journaling is my way to let loose, unwind, and just have fun with all kinds of art supplies and newly found tools.  Art journaling is my time to experiment and be as creative as I want to be.


  1. The raggedy Ann is looking gorgeous. I hope you'll post again when she's done.
    The journal looks interesting. I had one for Christmas, which I've started to use, great fun!

  2. Thank you Pat! I will be sure to post her again when she is complete.

  3. Raggedy Ann is gorgeous, Gretchen. You have painted her so beautifully soft and loose! :)


  4. I just love this gagged doll, beautifully loosely painted!

  5. Gretchen, the Raggedy Ann is beautiful and soft looking (I like it much better than mine). The softness gives it that "long ago" feel- love it!

  6. Your pieces are lovely my dear.

  7. Fantastic! I've looked at a few of your pieces now but this is a real standout.It is a great watercolor art.



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