Friday, November 4, 2011


Tranquility  4"x6"  Gretchen Bjornson©2011
It's been over a month since my last post.  School started for both of my boys and life, in general, got kind of busy.  Now that the soccer season has come to an end and things have slowed down, I'm afraid the roller coaster is slowly heading uphill again.  Christmas music is now playing all day on a local radio station and the stores are stocked with holiday merchandise.  The Christmas season is upon us, according to some.  But let's not rush into it.

My palette has been cleaned and fresh paint has been applied.  Lately my inspiration comes from subject matter outside my normal range of florals.  It's refreshing to paint something different and gain a new perspective on values, colors, and lighting. Todays painting seems to symbolize the calm before the storm.....that time when all is tranquil, but you know there is something brewing on the horizon.  It's important to remember to live each day to its fullest and never take a moment for granted.

The original and prints of this painting are available at  Greeting cards are available as well.  What a great Christmas gift for the boat lover!


  1. lovely painting which exudes peacefulness!

  2. Beautiful - and I love the choice of colors.

  3. Gretchen I never knew what an amazing artist you are! How beautiful your paintings are. Stunning :)


  4. This is a beautiful piece Gretchen. I love the stormy looking sky. :) And you are so right about painting different subjects, it really makes us grow doesn't it?

    You asked me what paper and paints I use in my Christmas post and I couldn't find your email so I hope you don't mind if I answer you here. I use Arches 140 lb cold pressed paper (stretched) and Winsor and Newton Artists paints. Most of the colors I used for the bells were brown madder, perm rose, cad red, gamboge, cad yellow, thalo blue, cobalt blue, and ultramarine blue.

    Hope you and your family is having a wonderful holiday season. :)

  5. I love this, Gretchen and it is different from your usual work! I know this comment is a bit late, but I am catching up!

  6. I love your watercolors : )



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