Tuesday, March 1, 2011


4" x 5.25" Original Watercolor
2011© Gretchen Bjornson

Painting # 27 features a pink Hibiscus flower.  One could go into such great detail with this flower and I even found myself slipping into that mode.  All the veins in the petals of these flowers are very defined.  You can see where I began to detail the veins in the petal closest.  I had to stop and step back .  I found my nose was getting closer and closer to the paper.  I was able to keep it fairly loose and watery, but might need some darks under one of the petals where it appears more muddy.

Reaching the end of the challenge, #28 is ready to post, but I'll give it another day and try to post it later tonight....


  1. Really beautiful! It is an interesting viewpoint.

  2. This hybiscus is just gorgeous! I can't wait till mine come out of the basement and start to bloom again. Spring is near! :-)

  3. Thank you Blaga. I took the photograph and really thought it was a great perspective.

    Crystal...thanks! Spring is near. Can't wait to plant!

  4. I love the Hibiscus flowers.

    Great job Gretchen.



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